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N.Gas Burner BRX model from 70kw up to 16800kw

Added on : 2018-04-17 13:32:14
Suppliers : LOGIN (Turkey)
Categories : Energy, Oil Machines, equipment and Material

More quiet running with light and special-bodied construction and monoblock coupled to fan Being able to run in corrosion and acidic places through "static paint application" for burner body and its panel. Quick installation and Serviceability with special connection system. Designing for Mechanic or Electronic modulation kit. Producing and Running in Accordance with European Standards EN 676 and CE for gas burning devices. Service actions can be made without taking into account the need for the boiler during the service. Fully closed air damper during the stop of the system to prevent heat losses from the chimney. Of Flame Control with Ionization method. Controllability of ionization current by microamperemeter. IP

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