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Modular fan HAMILTON G5

Added on : 2016-03-24 08:36:33
Suppliers : LOGIN (Tunisia)
Categories : Medical Equipment

The HAMILTON-G5 is Hamilton Medical's most advanced modular mechanical fan. A wide range of features and standard options make it possible to adapt the HAMILTON-G5 to your needs. The IntelliCuff® Integrated Balloon Pressure Monitor provides continuous monitoring and automatic adjustment of intubation tubes and tracheostomy tubes equipped with a balloon. It optimizes the control of the balloon pressure in real time. The P / V Tool protective ventilation function provides a reproducible method for assessing recruitment ability and regulating PEEP based on respiratory mechanics, and also provides a simple and reproducible method for performing recruitment maneuvers. The HAMILTON-G5 also supports the measurement of transpulmonary pressure. In addition to many other features, the HAMILTON-G5 also includes Hamilton Medical's standard Ventilation Cockpit user interface

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