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Natural Herb Vanilla Peptide Tooth Powder

Ajouté le : 2019-04-17 12:50:10
Fournisseur : AirBeauty (Taïwan)

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Product Benefits: 1. Maintain a healthy mouth and strong teeth. 2. Stop bad breath 3. Reduce prevalence of periodontal disease 4. Whitening teeth 5. Anti-Bacterial 6. Anti-Clvity 7. Blasic Cleaning 8. Oral Refreshing 9. Prevents bleeding gums and inflammation. 10. Relieve odontoneuralgia ?

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Product introduction: The vanilla extract has the characteristics of bactericidal whitening,with the AirBeauty's peptide technology. For Healthy Gum and strong teeth a complete care, prevents,bleeding gums and inflammation.It can penetrate deep into crevice between in teeth, absorb fine dirt, clean the teeth and dentures, moisturize the gums keep healthy. This product is made of Taiwan natural vanilla therapeutic plants, making micro-powder form, gentle and soft, not damaging enamel, fragrant and elegant fragrance, which makes the oral teeth clean and healthy and brings a fresh and happy life.

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